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[New 2014 Available More here...] My friend, bSteven Loveall, has allowed me to share his family and their music freely online. Joshua, Andrew, Rachel and Maria play and sing beautiful music which can best be described as 'Peaceful', 'cheerful', 'encouraging' and reflects the Christ's Character of the Loveall Family.
           ~ bTim Mullen

From the Lovealls

With the Loveall's kind permission, you may now download their music in mp3 format.
The Family likes to give "them out as gifts."
"Their gifts are from Him and I believe we should give it back to Him by blessing His people. I can remember when they were little and they would play and sing, how it would minister to my heart. I thought if it will do that for me, what would it do for others. So here we are doing all that we can by His grace, to hold up the name of Jesus and praise His wonderful name in song." Brother Steven Loveall

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