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    Lyrics : God's Red White and Blue
    Tim Mullen Music
    God's Red White and Blue
    G                                   G7
    For the Red White and Blue
             C                 G
    Represents my country
             G                                           D
    Where all men and all women are free
       G                  G7
    I'm so proud to be
    C              G
    Part of a country
            A7                                   D  
    That's worth all my life fighting [or.. living] for
    G                                            G7
    No matter what anyone might say
                    C                             G
    Nothing will bring my country down
    G                                  A7                 D
    For she's [written] etched in the palms of our God
       G                           G7
    She's a light and a beacon
                 C                            A7
    And she stands strong and true
    G                               D            G
    God bless His Red White and Blue
    For the Red of my country
              C                             G
    Is the Blood on my King's face
    And the Blue are His Bruises
                    C                      D
    When my King took my place
    G                                B7
    And the White is His righteousness 
       Em                 A7
    He's imparted to me 
        G                       D                      G       G7
    Praise God for His Red White and Blue
                   C                     C7
    For I'm a pilgrim and a stranger
    This time in the Earth
    C                               C7
    Yet my King from my country [or.. from Mount Calvary]
       G                                         D     D7
    Is taking me home by my New Birth
                     G                      Bm
    And the only [or.. Holy] stripes I see waving
             Em                           A7
    Are the ones etched [torn] in His back
         G                      D
    Praise God for my King
       G                      C
    Mount Zion is my country
            G                   C     D            C    Cm
    Praise God for His Red White an Blue
            G                   C        D                C        G
    Praise God for His Blood Stripes and Bruise.
    (c) Tim Mullen