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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: 2002-2003 Lyrics : What Will It Mean Tim Mullen Music What Will It Mean Jimmy came knocking on the door today Down in his heart he just needed to say He's down Been out on the tractor mowing the field Come by just to drop off the mowing bill He was so down Burdened by a bone ih his back that's broke down Every step of pain just to get around He was so down What can it mean? What would it mean? If the Bride started praying. Jimmy said Sunday his Church closed down Started talking of the Lord and a tear dropped down from his face Jimmy said for thirty years his Wife had been true She tells him "Your my husband and I'll follow you each day." Jimmy said some people don't believe and pray But he wants to keep walking so he can work each day for her. Doctor says his hip bone is practically gone Only 49 years old never thought he'd feel so undone Jimmy said "What Church do you go to? What time does is start? Could I follow you one day?" I believe in God and I believe in prayer Remember me tonight at your Church tonight when you're there and pray What would it mean What will it mean When the Bride starts praying With his hand on my shoulder he could no longer hide His love for Jesus Christ is what was making Jimmy cry He said that he loved me as he left my side I wonder if he knows the respect he showed God's Bride So what will it mean to Jimmy How much it will mean As the Bride starts praying. (c) Tim Mullen
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