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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: Brotherly Kindness Lyrics : Sabino Canyon Tim Mullen Music Sabino Canyon I think I'll go To Sabino Canyon. I do not know If I'll return again. Where Eagle's soar In Sabino canyon Where deer can rest To the pine's lullaby. The breezes whirl The canyon squirrels Are careful The chasms deep. The dusty trails Of Javelina A bullheader's grasp To be carried. Until I go To Sabino Canyon I will not know This Call that's pulling me. I think I'll go To Sabino Canyon I do not know If I'll return again. 65-0725E 130 061 One day I got a call from the Lord. I told my wife, I said, "Honey, I'm probably my work is over." I didn't know. I said, "God's probably finished with me now and I'll be going Home. You go get with Billy, take the children, God will make a way for you, somehow. Go on and live true to God. See that the children get through school, raise them in the admonition of God." She said, "Bill, you don't--you don't know that's true." I said, "No. But a man couldn't survive that." And one morning the Lord woke me up, said, "Get up there in Sabino Canyon." And I took a piece of paper and my Bible. The wife said, "Where you going?" I said, "I don't know. I'll tell you when I come back." 132 062 I went up in the canyon, climbed plumb up where the eagles was flying around. I was watching some deer standing there. I knelt down to pray, and raised up my hands, and a Sword struck my hand. I looked around, I thought, "What's that? I'm not beside myself. Here's that Sword in my hand, bright, shiny, glistening in the sun." I said, "Now, there's not people in miles of me way up here in this canyon. Where could that come from?" I heard a Voice, said, "That's the King's Sword." I said, "A king knights a man with a sword." He, the Voice come back, said, "Not a king's sword, but 'THE King's Sword,' the Word of the Lord." Said, Fear not, it's only the Third Pull. It's the vindication of your ministry." [William Branham] I think I'll go To Sabino Canyon I do not know If I'll return again. (c) Tim Mullen
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