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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: Brotherly Kindness Lyrics : The Infidel Tim Mullen Music The Infidel On the side of a mountain hill, Lived the infidel. Life seemed good, had gone quite well. Lived the Infidel. I am free, I am free. I am free. Parson came, didn't look to clean, Met the infidel. "Only one preacher I'd liked to seen." Spoke the infidel. "Woman over yonder, sickest I'd known. Heard a ruckus on night, figured she'd gone on. Pitiful creature, took what the preacher had said. In one day she was healed! an up out of bed." "What makes that tree come back each year?" Preacher asked the infidel. "Bucket of water on a post stays still." Agreed the infidel. "You tell me what voice tells that sap in the tree, Each spring, to rise, infidel. I'll tell you The Voice I heard that made her well." And that changed the infidel. I am free, I am free. I am free. (c) Tim Mullen
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