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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: Brotherly Kindness Lyrics : Who Will Be Jesus Tim Mullen Music Who Will Be Jesus He (They) came home from work last night, to find that she (home) is gone, Now He's spending his first Sunday sitting in the pew alone, There are whispers all around him, His heart breaks in two, He's wondering who will reach out and help him make it through, Who will be Jesus to him? Who’ll show the love that restores him again? He doesn’t’ need a judge, he needs a friend. Who will be Jesus to him? She has a reputation like the woman at the well. The only love she ever knew was the kind she buys and sells, (The only love she's ever wished Was the one which would fulfill) But her thirsty heart is searching for a love that will be true, The Savior cries for her to see Himself in me and you Who will be Jesus to her? Who'll show the love that's commanded in His word? (Who'll show the love that comes natural from His Word?) Will she see in us the mighty God we serve? (She does not need a judge she needs a friend) Who will Be Jesus to her? (For the Word is separating and I don't want to lose the Love Down in our hearts.) Wounded People everywhere, And when they look at us, do they see Jesus there? Who will be Jesus to them? Who'll show the love that restores them (Who'll pray and manifest the Word once again?) Oh, they do not need a judge, they need a friend, (They need The Friend) Who will be Jesus to them? Who will be Jesus to them? © Carroll Bruce / modified (c) Tim Mullen
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