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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: Brotherly Kindness Lyrics : Zion's Hill Tim Mullen Music Zion's Hill There waits for me a glad tomorrow, Where gates of pearl swing open wide, And when I've passed this vale of sorrow, I'll dwell upon the other side. Chorus Someday beyond the reach of mortal ken, Someday, God only knows just where and when, The wheels of mortal life shall all stand still, And I shall go to dwell on Zion's hill. Someday I'll hear the angels singing, Beyond the shadows of the tomb; And all the bells of heaven ringing, While saints are singing (shouting), "Home, sweet home." Someday my labors will be ended, And all my wand'rings will be o'er; And all earth's broken ties be mended, And I shall sigh and weep no more. Someday the dark clouds will be rifted, And all the night of gloom be (is) past, And all life's burdens will be lifted, The day of rest shall dawn at last. Words and Music by James A. Crutchfield 1977 by Majesty Music, Inc. (c) Tim Mullen
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