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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: Chicken Hearted Preacher Lyrics : Chicken Hearted Preacher Tim Mullen Music Chicken Hearted Preacher There's a true story of a man who had no delight, With our Lord Jesus, He had hell in sight. He liked hunting with Ole Brother Bill, And he loved shooting, just to kill. Together they'd go hunting, ole Bert would just grin. Called Preacher 'chicken hearted', Bert loved his sin. Prophet would look deeply at Bert's lizard eyes. There must have been something, he saw deep inside. One day while hunting, Bert handmade himself a call. Sounded like the lost pleading, of a baby fawn. "Bert, how can you be so cruel on your part? You'll shoot that fawn's mother, with her loyal heart." Bert said, "You're just chicken hearted." Prophet closed his eyes. "God, don't let him do it. That mother's love is genuine." Hearing the bolt clicking; Bert, he's a dead shot. But then he saw the gun shaking. Bert's heart had been caught. God in nature, God through a son, God had ole Bert's name, before the world begun. You can run, you can hide - Yet God will find His Word. That's how the Chicken Hearted Preacher lead ole Lizard Eyes to the Lord. God in nature, God through a son. Lord, you had our names, before this earth begun. And no matter what we feel, Your Love is Your Word. That's how the Chicken Hearted Preacher lead ole Lizard Eyes to the Lord. In a snow bank on the side of a hill, Bert saw something real. That's how Elijah The Prophet of Malachi, lead a Son of God, Back to The Lord. To The Lord. (c) Tim Mullen
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