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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: Chicken Hearted Preacher Lyrics : Taking Notice Tim Mullen Music Taking Notice I know some things, are hard to do. You stood for me, I'm proud of you. I have waited, since this earth began. And I want you to know, I have took notice. JESUS.KEEPS.ALL.OF.HIS.APPOINTMENTS_ TAMPA.FL SATURDAY_ 64-0418E E-73 See if He is a prophet, or not. See, He perceived the thoughts that was in his heart. And all at once He moved. And the little woman raised to look up, her eyes glaring. He looked over, He said, "Simon," He said. "I--I--I got something to say to you. (Oh, my. Here you are, Simon.) I got something to say to you. You invited Me here. I come on your invitation. You invited Me. And when I come to the door, you never washed My feet. And when I come in, you never anointed My head. You let Me come in dirty. And you never kissed Me welcome, though you invited Me. "But this woman, here, let her be whatever she may be, she has washed My feet with her tears; she's wiped them with the hairs of her head, and she has anointed My feet, and constantly kissed My feet ever since she's been laying there." He found out whether He was a prophet or not. (William Marrion Branham) The pressure to bend, I know is growing. I'm brooding again, I sense your love growing. Two thousand years I've worked to restore, Now I'm seeing what I waited for. And I want you to know I have took notice. Oh Zion, The Perfection of Beauty I want you to know I'm taking notice. JESUS.KEEPS.ALL.OF.HIS.APPOINTMENTS_ TAMPA.FL SATURDAY_ 64-0418E E-76... with them great big eyes looking to see what's going to say. He said, "And I say unto her, all her sins which were many are forgiven her." That's it. "All her sins are forgiven her." That's what I want to hear. (Only Believe / guitar) (c) Tim Mullen
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