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  • download mp3 : right click SAVE * AS CD: She Is Him Lyrics : Pedigree (In honor of my Pastor, Brother Donny Reagan) Tim Mullen Music Pedigree Pedigree Run like your heart is calling Hear the deep within Sunlight is guiding you. Pedigree Chosen and made for leading Hear His Voice He speaks your name and we Follow. Faithfully We have seen the love in your eyes Patiently Through the river Galloping to Life How happy we see Pedigree. Pedigree You are the one we follow Follow Him We'll follow you Run free. Pedigree Hear how He calls you onward. Hear the wind Singing Run with me. Happily Thoroughbred Follow Him alone Humbly You have led us back To our home How happy we be Pedigree. (c) 2006 Tim Mullen
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