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download mp3 CD: She Is Him Lyrics : She Is Him (Audio clip from William Marrion Branham) Tim Mullen Music She Is Him This is an instrumental with the spoken part laying the foundation of the CD. This is track 1. The voice is from the true Christian Prophet William Branham as He describes how the last days Bride of Christ will be. All that was in God He poured into Christ, All that was in Christ He has poured into His Bride. She is now coming to maturity to manifest the risen Jesus Christ in all power, simplicity and humility. Church Site: Date CD Created July 2006 Lyrics: She Is Him Quote from William Branham "And if He, being the Groom, the Bride has to come forth, 'cause It's part of Him. And It can only be the manifestation of the fulfilling of all of revelations and the others that spoke of the Bride. "And It can only manifest... And if it does something different from the Groom, it isn't the Bride, because She's flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone, Life of His Life, power of His power. "She is Him. "As man and woman are one, and woman taken from his side, She has taken His Spirit (the feminish Spirit from Him), the flesh from His side, made both mechanics and Dynamics, the Wife--the Spirit of Him and the flesh of Him and put it together and made mechanics and Dynamics." RISING.OF.THE.SUN_ JEFF.IN V-3 N-12 SUNDAY_ 65-0418M Music: (c) 2006 Tim Mullen